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When Does It Make Sense to Import a Car from Germany to Portugal? (CHECKLIST)

Here's a checklist for those still undecided between buying a car locally or importing one. If at least one point applies to you, it's 100% better to contact us 😉

Mid-range and Premium Segments (Cars over €20,000)

Importing a car becomes economically justified from this price point. For budgets up to €15-20K, import costs can make up too large a portion of the total price, potentially negating any savings. In such cases, it makes sense to explore the local market, which offers reasonably good options in this segment.

Good Configuration and Low Mileage

Few cars in Portugal are sold with low mileage and even fewer with good configurations. If you need something newer and more interesting than a diesel manual with a fabric interior and no climate control, ordering a car from Germany is the best alternative.

Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

The absence of import tax for electric vehicles (and reduced tax for hybrids) makes importing them significantly more advantageous than buying locally. The most popular and rational choice is a Tesla. We help find unique options; for instance, we recently imported a Tesla 3 Performance in rare red with a white interior.

Unusual/Rare Brand or Model

If you're looking for an unusual brand, a rare model, or a unique color, importing is the only solution: the German car market is much larger and more diverse. We've managed to find rare gems for our clients, such as the Alpine A110 Color Edition, Mini Clubman JCW, Porsche GT4, and others.

Don't Want to Wait Half a Year for a Dealer Car

Buying a car from a dealer in Portugal is much harder than it seems—there are practically no cars in stock, and delivery times range from several months to half a year. We bring cars from Germany to Portugal in just 4 weeks. Within a month of signing the contract, you'll be behind the wheel of your car with Portuguese plates!