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What are the benefits of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle?

Understanding the Details: A New Car from the Dealership or a Used Car?

1. A New Car Loses Value as Soon as It Leaves the Dealership and Drops Up to 20% in Value.

Unfortunately, this is not a myth but a bitter truth. It's a fact that can be taken advantage of. 😉

2. Waiting Times with Dealers.

In Portugal, waiting several months for a new car from the dealership is the norm (unless it's a display model). In the best-case scenario, this waiting period can extend to half a year.

3. The Possibility of Buying a Higher-Class Car.

Why limit yourself when, for the price of a new car, you can buy a slightly used car with a much better configuration, or even a car of a higher class? For example, for the price of a new 115-horsepower Volkswagen Golf in Portugal, you can order a 2021 Audi A6 from Germany with 299 horsepower. Which one would you choose?

4. The Prejudice that "Used Cars are Worn Out and Have Huge Mileage."

This is a myth originating from Eastern Europe. Most owners of cars in the higher price segments (€30,000+) do not drive their cars "into the ground" and tend to change cars fairly often. It's not uncommon for the car you're interested in to have been the second or even third vehicle of the owner.
🙂 Undoubtedly, a new car is a new car, and the choice is up to each individual. However, to get a personalized selection and calculation of cars based on real examples, simply contact us.