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How Our Selection and Inspection Process Works

Impeccable Quality of Imported Cars

🔎 Defining Key Parameters with the Client
Together with the client, we identify essential parameters: segment and form factor, budget and mileage, configuration and options. We also focus on discussing goals, needs, life circumstances, habits, essential points, and optional wishes—these factors influence the choice as much as the car's actual specifications. If the client has a specific car in mind, we proceed directly to the selection process.
🔎 Screening Process
During the selection, we filter out cars with accidents, obvious defects, and those with any doubts about quality and safety.
🔎 Working with Reliable Dealers
We only work with trusted dealers from Germany, 90% of whom are official dealers, with the remaining 10% being verified specialized centers. This ensures that we get high-quality cars under the best conditions, with no surprises in their history.
🔎 Extensive Car Search and Shortlisting
We review hundreds of cars so that the client can choose from the 5-7 most interesting options. For the selected car, we conduct a detailed inspection: request an extended report, review ownership and service history, ensure the car has no significant repairs or accidents, and verify the VIN. If there are any suspicions, we conduct an in-person inspection with our partners.
💡 Finalizing the Selection
Once the car is chosen, we negotiate with the dealer for possible discounts and additional services: dealers are often willing to perform maintenance and offer extended warranties at no extra cost. After the contract is signed, we purchase the car immediately (with the client needing to pay only 25% of the cost as a down payment) and start the documentation process so that the client can be behind the wheel of their new car within a couple of weeks.