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Safe Car Transportation

How to Best Transport a Car from Germany: By Car Carrier or Driving It?

We always choose a car carrier. Here’s why:
  • Pristine Condition: The car arrives at the client's door in the same condition it left the dealership.
  • Fast Transport: Quick transport time of 4-5 days regardless of external factors.
  • Maximum Safety: The route is serviced by two qualified drivers working in shifts.
  • Insurance: The car is insured during transportation on the car carrier.

Why We Don't Drive the Car and Don't Recommend It:

👎🏼 Distance: Germany is not close; at least +2000 km on the odometer within the first few days of use.
👎🏼 Potential Issues: Anything can happen on the road: a flat tire, a stone hitting the windshield, or even worse.
👎🏼 Inevitable Costs: Expenses for tickets, food, accommodation, fuel, and toll roads.
👎🏼 Time Consumption: At least a week of precious time if you do it yourself.
In short, driving the car yourself is a literal 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼. It’s much better to take a relaxing trip and return to find your new car right at your doorstep.