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Minimum Budget for Importing a Car from Gernamy?

🇩🇪 vs. 🇵🇹 When it Makes Sence to Import a Car from Germany?

Based on our experience, importing a car to Portugal becomes economically viable with a total budget starting at €20,000, all-inclusive.

💶 Why €20,000?

Importing a car from Germany that costs up to €15,000 (around €20,000 all-inclusive) is not advisable under current conditions. At this budget level, the import costs (import tax, logistics, and service fee) constitute too large a portion of the total price, negating any potential savings compared to buying locally. Therefore, we do not recommend importing cars in this price segment.

💡 For Example:

  • Volkswagen Polo 2018:
  • Cost in Germany: €11,980
  • Import Tax (ISV): €200
  • Service Fee: €3,000
  • Total Cost: €15,180
  • For this amount, you can find decent options within Portugal.

What to Do if Your Budget is Less Than €15,000?

👉🏼 Request Import Service Anyway: You can still ask us to find and import a car from Germany, but keep in mind that there might not be any significant economic benefit.
👉🏼 Explore the Local Market: Check platforms like Standvirtual or OLX. In this segment, there are often relatively decent options. However, purchasing a lower-priced car locally can have its own challenges and may lead to unexpected expenses.
👉🏼 Postpone Purchase: Consider delaying your purchase slightly and aim for a budget of €19,000-€20,000 all-inclusive. This way, you can get a higher-class car that is newer and has better features.
By taking these factors into account, you can make a more informed decision on whether to import a car from Germany or buy locally in Portugal.